Fitting love when balancing a hectic schedule

01 Oct

Love??? “PPffff! I cannot fit in love right now with everything that I have going on my life!” says Alexis Trujillo.

Its like another full time job.

You have to give them certain time of your day by checking in with them maybe hang out a while. Its a lot of effort you put in to one person and when you don’t have time to spare love can really get in the way of the things you have going on. Maybe sometimes even change the goals you set out.

Alexis has a very strong opinion about allowing someone special to come into her life. Her plan is to move to Spain for a year after she gets her bachelors degree at ASU and she says if she was to have someone special in her life it would make it 10 times harder to leave. She probably would not take advantage of all the opportunities out there or give it 100%.

Alexis makes a lot of good points but sometimes it is not always a bad thing to allow someone in you your life. They might be an asset to have and help you out more than you think.

There is a few tips to look into before looking for love. The person that gives great advice for that is Ms. single mama with her blog about a single mom’s guide to finding a manperson.

A great tip Ms. Single Mama gave was to Step outside of your dating box. Ditch the bad boys and date someone you wouldn’t necessarily see yourself with. Girls tend to be attracted to the bad boys but those are the ones that end up breaking our hearts. So her tip is to allow yourself to date someone you wouldn’t usually date. Guys your age may not necessarily be on the same page as you. Dating a guy a bit older might a quality you really did not see yourself looking for.

Dating can be difficult if you make it difficult on yourself but if you allow yourself to go with the flow when you find the right guy for you, it will seem like a great addition to your life.


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